We’re excited to report another big salary win as a result of our Postdoc Union power! An arbitrator has ruled in our favor in a big grievance case that involved Postdoc anniversary dates and changing campuses, read below for details. Our union can win this and other improvements because of massive Postdoc support. If you’re not already a member, please do your part by signing up using this online form.

Dr. Chi-Ming Chang, a UC Davis Postdoc, was one of the grievants in the salary grievance case that was ruled in our favor.

Arbitration win!
Every Postdoc should receive a pay raise after each year of employment. However, we discovered that UC violated our contract by denying that raise to Postdocs who moved from one UC campus to another. And even worse, sometimes UC actually reduced someone’s salary. One of the Postdocs who raised this issue is Dr. Chi-Ming Chang, who moved from UC Berkeley to UC Davis. Chi-Ming’s annual salary decreased by over $3,000 when he started at UC Davis.

As a result of this victory, UC owes significant back pay to impacted Postdocs, including over $13,000 to Chi-Ming! And more broadly, the ruling guarantees that UC must provide annual pay increases based on the date a Postdoc started at UC, regardless of whether they have moved to a different campus during that time.

Having a union means much better pay
Since UC Postdocs formed a union in 2010, the average salary has increased from $41,600 to $54,751, an increase of 34%, or about 2.5 times faster than Postdocs nationwide (most of whom do not currently have a union). We have gone from earning 3.25% less than the national Postdoc median, to earning 10% more.

What to do if you’re not getting the correct salary
UC consistently fails to pay Postdocs the correct salaries. Through our union, we have corrected pay errors for 1,318 Postdocs and prevented over $4 million in lost wages. If you are not receiving the correct salary according to the contract, please email uaw5810@uaw5810.org and we’ll help you resolve any issue.