Do you know your anniversary date? It’s the date you were first hired as a UC Postdoc. This is an important milestone each year and an opportunity to ensure you are receiving the many rights guaranteed to you by our union contract, including annual salary increases and minimum reappointment lengths. Upon reaching your anniversary date, check out the following components of your UC employment, and contact us if you need help enforcing your rights:

  • Salary Increase: the UC Postdoc wage scale requires that all Postdocs be moved to at least the next step on the experience-based minimum salary scale upon completion of each year of employment as a Postdoc. You can also be paid above the scale, in which case you get at least a 2% increase. Since UC Postdocs formed a union in 2010, the average salary has increased 34%, or about 2.5 times faster than Postdocs nationwide (most of whom do not currently have a union).
  • Reappointment Letter: if you are being reappointed, the University is required to provide you a reappointment letter at least 30 days in advance of your new appointment.
  • Reappointment Length: the contract mandates that your first re-appointment must be for a minimum of two years.
  • Tax status: numerous factors can necessitate a change in how you file taxes from year to year and it is critical that you have all the info. Your fellow Postdoc Union members are a great resource for questions and every year in February or March, our membership meeting focuses on tax questions.
  • Individual Development Plan: you have the right to create an Individual Development Plan, and engage your supervisor for feedback and discussion of the plan. Updating and revising your IDP annually will help you to think about and perhaps adjust your short and long term goals, and to establish expectations between you and your PI.
  • Annual Review: every Postdoc is entitled to an annual review from your supervisor of research progress and achievements. As with the IDP, the evaluation is useful to understanding and defining your role and your PI’s expectations.

If you believe that correct procedures have not been followed and/or that you are being denied your contractual rights, please email so that we can help in resolving the issue.