First, we wanted to clarify the messages about pay freezes that have gone out to most UC campuses this week. Salary increases in the Postdoc and AR contracts will continue as these are guaranteed by our union contracts. UC cannot alter these agreements unilaterally — a clear example of the necessity of having a union and a strong contract!

While UC is freezing the pay of non-union positions, cuts like these do much long-term harm. A new research report by the UC union coalition (of which our union is a member) has identified existing financial resources that UC can tap into to avoid drastic cuts or tuition increases during COVID-19.

Update on Letters to Congress campaign
Last month, we began a campaign in coordination with other UAW academic unions across the country and have sent more than 4,000 letters to Congress urging action on three specific demands related to funding and support for researchers and universities.

In response to our advocacy and many others, on May 15 a $3 trillion stimulus package called the HEROES Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill includes funding for research and public education, but the Republican-controlled Senate is likely to block the bill entirely or in part. In the last few weeks, our demands have been echoed by a growing number of U.S. Senators and Representatives, agencies, and industry groups. We will continue outreach to legislators as we follow the progress of the next stimulus, and it’s not too late to write your representatives. Go here to send a letter in a few minutes→

Support Your Union as a Member! All of these protections are possible because we have a strong union, and our power is directly related to our membership. If you have not yet joined, please help keep your union strong by clicking here to support as a member.

Research Ramp-Up Survey
Our bargaining teams have created a survey about research ramp-up so our union can work to address problems and concerns. If you haven’t yet filled it out, please take a minute to do so now.