Apr 292016

Today, thanks to all of your collective efforts we will deliver our Initial Bargaining Demands to the university with the resounding and undeniable message that UC postdocs are united behind improving our pay and working conditions.

These demands were written based on member surveys and feedback and focus on three major issues: 1. Improving salaries and benefits, 2. Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and 3. Supporting postdocs through job security, longer visas and better career development.

Incredibly, in just two weeks, a majority of UC postdocs voted to ratify the demands. The vote was 3,172 voting “Yes” and 49 voting “No” to ratify the Initial Demands. This is the most votes in the history of our union for an initial demands ratification vote, indicating the strong and broad support behind these issues.

This is an important and powerful step in our bargaining campaign, but it is only the beginning. With the delivery of these demands, bargaining has effectively begun. In order to win a fair contract all of us need to stay engaged and get involved in our upcoming negotiations – just click here to get started.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out surveys and endorse the demands, and for encouraging your peers to do the same. Together we have incredible power to win the type of employment conditions we deserve.


UAW 5810 Executive Board and Joint Council:

Anke Schennink, UC Davis, President
Neal Sweeney, UC Santa Cruz, Vice President
Ben Cain, UC Davis, Financial Secretary
Virpi Leppa, UC Los Angeles, Recording Secretary
Lydia Majure, UC Berkeley, Trustee
Matt Grimmer, UC San Francisco, Trustee and Campus Chair
Carly Ebben Eaton, UC Berkeley, Trustee
Wen Jiang, UC Los Angeles, Guide and Campus Chair
Heather Harris, UC Berkeley, Campus Chair
Abby Kroken, UC Berkeley, Campus Recording Secretary
Alyssa Rosenbloom, UC Berkeley, Head Steward
Benjamin Smarr, UC Berkeley, Head Steward
Anna Kalashnikova, UC Davis, Campus Chair
Ygal Achmon, UC Davis, Head Steward
Dawei Feng, UC Davis, Head Steward
Richard Puxty, UC Irvine, Campus Chair
Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup, UC Irvine, Campus Recording Secretary
Kristen Yankura, UC Los Angeles, Campus Recording Secretary
Gautam Pulugundla, UC Los Angeles, Head Steward
Melissa Agnello, UC Los Angeles, Head Steward
Carrie Spratford, UC Los Angeles, Head Steward
Fernanda Santos, UC Merced, Campus Chair
Sonia Afroz, UC Riverside, Campus Chair
Germain Pauluzzi, UC Riverside, Campus Recording Secretary
Tomasz Kosciolek, UC San Diego, Campus Chair
Björn Tackmann, UC San Diego, Head Steward
Sreya Ghosh, UC San Diego, Head Steward
Adam Wier, UC San Diego, Head Steward
Dima Lituiev, UC San Francisco, Campus Recording Secretary
Ivory Dean, UC San Francisco, Head Steward
Michelle Percharde, UC San Francisco, Head Steward
Sangeet Lal, UC San Francisco, Head Steward
Patrick Callahan, UC Santa Barbara, Campus Chair
Michael Heiber, UC Santa Barbara, Campus Recording Secretary