Join the union! Be a part of the majority of Postdocs and Academic Researchers who support our union by becoming a member. Each and every member makes our union stronger, which is the key to winning improvements at UC and beyond.

At UC, the Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers:

  • Is run by Postdocs & ARs: Union members set priorities democratically and bargain with UC. 
  • Enables Postdocs & ARs to resolve workplace problems through our contract.
  • Gives Postdocs & ARs a collective voice in advocating for important issues such as increased research funding, rights for international scholars, and equity and diversity in academia.

If you have not yet signed a membership card, please fill out the form below and join the Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers today!

COUNT ME IN THE MAJORITY! Membership means the right to participate in the union. Membership builds our collective power to win more pay, rights and benefits at UC.
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Union organizing continues to have momentum in many new sectors including non-profits. The staff of the ACLU recently formed a union and their top priority is addressing high turnover among ACLU members from underrepresented groups. Read more:

TOMORROW at 5pm! Tenants rights training organized by UAW 2865, @RentsCancel, and @LATenantsUnion. Register here: #CancelRent More info below

MUSLIM BAN IS OVER! This is a victory for us all. Thank you to every member of our union who marched, petitioned and took a stand against hate and this terrible policy. #UnionStrong

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