Join the union! Be a part of the majority of Postdocs and Academic Researchers who support our union by becoming a member. Each and every member makes our union stronger, which is the key to winning improvements at UC and beyond.

At UC, the Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers:

  • Is run by Postdocs & ARs: Union members set priorities democratically and bargain with UC. 
  • Enables Postdocs & ARs to resolve workplace problems through our contract.
  • Gives Postdocs & ARs a collective voice in advocating for important issues such as increased research funding, rights for international scholars, and equity and diversity in academia.

Member dues are 1.44% of your pay and are deducted automatically. For frequently asked questions about dues, please click here.

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UAW Local 5810 - The Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers

Tomorrow [EMERGENCY ACTION] July 13 9AM
We're rallying outside West Coast ICE offices to demand No Student Ban / No Deportations
SF: 630 Sansome St #590,
LA: 300 North Los Angeles St
SD: 880 Front Street,
{Wear a mask plz}

UAW Pres. Rory Gamble spoke out against the recent attacks on international students/scholars: "Make no mistake, barring international workers from entering the U.S. & deporting international students will make the COVID-19 crisis even worse." Full stmt:

HAPPENING NOW: UAW Academic Unions host info session on Trump Admin attacks on F-1 and M-1 visa:

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