Sep 282015

Bargaining continued last week in Riverside from Sept. 24th – Sept. 25th. While we continue to work towards an agreement, we are still waiting for the University to offer a new package on key economic issues – including wages, childcare, and healthcare.


The University proposed imposing bureaucratic rules and procedures on postdocs which would require timesheets or punching a clock in order to receive fair pay. Our proposal on wages would phase in wage increases to increase every postdoc’s annual salary to at least $50,440 – a salary that external agencies like the Department of Labor and the National Academy of Sciences say is necessary for compensating the professional work that postdocs perform – without the need for timesheets or other bureaucratic oversight to receive fair pay.

We also proposed that healthcare contributions will remain stable from year to year and that all plan contributions will be less than $60. We continued to propose childcare benefits which would improve gender equity and make UC a truly family friendly place.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Thursday’s action by calling University administrators and pushing them to support President Obama’s new overtime regulations. The message to UC was heard loud and clear.

Your bargaining team,

Anke Schennink, Ph.D., President, UC Davis
Neal Sweeney, Ph.D., Vice President, UC Santa Cruz
Stephanie Wolahan, Ph.D., Recording Secretary, UC Los Angeles
Ben Cain, Ph.D., Financial Secretary, UC Davis
SaharHoushdaran, Ph.D., Trustee, UC San Francisco
Yijin Wang, Ph.D., Trustee, UC Santa Barbara
Kristen Yankura, Ph.D., Trustee, UC Los Angeles
Jessica Budke, Ph.D., Sergeant-At-Arms, UC Davis
Alex Hoepker, Ph.D., Guide, UC Berkeley