Dec 102018

UCSD Postdocs canvassed for (newly elected) US Representative Mike Levin

UC Postdocs joined other UAW members in Nevada to canvass for (newly elected) US Senator Jacky Rosen

The 2018 midterm election concluded just over one month ago, but since there were many close races, it took weeks before all the votes were counted and the winners were declared. But the results are now final and bottom line: It was a big victory for science and researchers, and UC Postdocs made a lot of important contributions.

Here are the highlights:

  • US Congress: Postdocs knocked doors up and down California to help all 18 (100%) of the pro-science, pro-worker, pro-public education Congressional candidates we endorsed on our Science Slate win their races.
  • California Statewide Elected Offices: 7 of the 9 (77%) candidates we endorsed won their races including Governor-elect Gavin Newsom. We worked hard to support Tony Thurmond, who won a close race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a key position in ensuring that K-12 public schools continue to receive strong support from the state government.
  • California State Senate and Assembly: 34 of the 38 members of our Science Slate (89%) were victorious! This means the new legislature will be ready to address pressing issues for California such as climate change and its effects (such as forest fires), the housing crisis, universal healthcare, and support for public education.
  • Groups of UAW 5810 members traveled to Nevada in October to join a massive effort of union members that succeed in electing Jacky Rosen — a strong advocate for STEM education and protecting the environment — to the US Senate.

Overall, it was a big night for candidates who support science! Of course, helping elect pro-science candidates is only half of the equation. In the months ahead, we will meeting with members of Congress and the State Legislature for policies that benefit science and researchers such as supporting gender equity in academia, ensuring strong science funding, ending the attacks on Chinese student visas, and more. Reply to this email if you want to get more involved!