Contract Campaign 2015

UAW Local 5810 is the Union chosen by a majority of the 6,000 Postdoctoral Researchers at the University of California. Through the Union we bargain collectively for improvements in wages, hours, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment. The consistent support and participation of a majority of Postdocs has been key to the formation and growth of our Union.

To win the first contract in 2010, super-majorities of postdocs engaged in a variety of actions, including public statements and petitions, outreach to state and federal elected officials, delegations to chancellors, and demonstrations.

We are currently bargaining our 2nd contract with the University. You can contact the bargaining committee at and you can find every bargaining update on one page here.

Bargaining Schedule:

Date Location Date Location
May 18-19 UC Los Angeles Aug 4-6 UCOP Oakland
June 1-2 UCOP Oakland Aug 26-28 UC Santa Cruz
June 15-16 UC San Diego Sept 9-10 UC Berkeley
June 29-30 UC Davis Sept 15-17 Pico Rivera UAW Office
July 16-17 UCSF, Mission Bay Sept 24-25 UC Riverside
July 27-28 UC Irvine Sept 28-30 UCOP Oakland
May 182015
Going to the Table

Starting tomorrow, we will sit down at the bargaining table across from UC management to determine what the future will look like for postdocs at UC. We will negotiate the [Read More…]

Apr 272015
Five Years Ago This Week

Life and work are busy – but this week we wanted to take a minute to remember something that happened five years ago that made it possible for us to [Read More…]