Membership Updates

Jul 292016
UCSF Gender Equity Action

Today, over 50 UCSF postdocs marched to the Grad Dean’s office to deliver the message that UC must prioritize gender equity in bargaining! [Read More…]

Jul 262016
UCB Bargaining Action

Today in Berkeley, ~200 postdocs gathered to demand that UC stop their bad faith bargaining. Also, former Assemblymember and current State Senate candidate, Nancy Skinner, delivered strong words of support in our contract fight, and spoke passionately about fair compensation for postdocs and gender equity. We finished up by chanting: “No Justice, No Research!” [Read More…]

Jul 162016
Bargaining Update - Session 4

On July 7, UCLA postdocs marched to the Grad Dean’s office to demand the NIH standard of 8 weeks of parental leave at full pay. UC’s bargaining team kicked off [Read More…]