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The recent Geoff Marcy case at UC Berkeley is the latest in a long line of sexual harassment and sexual assault cases in which the University of California has failed in its responsibility provide a safe learning and work space for students and employees. Despite widespread outrage, the UC has not committed to sufficient changes to its procedure in addressing sexual harassment and sexual assault claims, nor in addressing root causes such as gender inequity in academia.

This is an issue of grave moral consequence for the academic community. Please take a minute to join your fellow postdocs and sign this petition demanding that UC President Janet Napolitano commit to and implement real reform to university’s sexual harassment and sexual assault policies, and please also share widely with your friends and colleagues in academia and beyond, via email, Facebook [] or Twitter [].

Dec 092015

We are pleased to present you with the following newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers: UC San Francisco Campus Unit Chair By a vote of 8 out of 8 valid [Read More…]