Membership Updates

Jul 302009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We bargained with the University four days this week. We made notable progress this week by reaching agreement on significant topics such as Individual Development Plans and [Read More…]

Jul 102009

UAW Postdocs, We just completed 2 more days of bargaining. We reached tentative agreement on one additional topic – Job Posting. UC continues to stall progress toward reaching agreement on [Read More…]

Jun 262009

Fellow Postdocs, We have completed 3 more days of bargaining with UC Management. As you know, President Yudof has publicly proposed in his June 17 letter to the UC community [Read More…]

Jun 212009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, Many of you have seen and rasied concerns about President Yudof’s message of June 17 announcing that he will ask the Regents to declare a Fiscal Emergency [Read More…]

Jun 122009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, After another three days of negotiations with the UC administration this week, the main obstacle to reaching agreement in a timely manner continues to be their unlawful [Read More…]

May 292009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We completed another 3 days of bargaining with the UC administration. Sadly, the administration’s negotiators were at a loss to explain why they had still not delivered [Read More…]

May 152009

Dear UC Postdocs, We have completed another 3 days of bargaining with UC management. To put a human face on the conditions that many of us face, three UCLA postdocs [Read More…]

Apr 302009

Dear UC Postdocs, Yesterday we finished another 3 days of bargaining the first Postdoctoral Scholar contract with the University of California. As during previous sessions, we traded a number of [Read More…]