Membership Updates

Apr 202010

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs: We concluded two more days of bargaining with the University’s bargaining team last Thursday and Friday. While UC made slight movement in our direction on their wage [Read More…]

Apr 052010

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs: We have encouraging news–one of the most influential committees in the US Congress has scheduled a public hearing to investigate why UC has failed to reach agreement [Read More…]

Feb 262010

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs: Despite continued dramatic growth in UC’s grant and contract revenues, and the central role Postdocs play in generating them, the University continues to reject our proposals for [Read More…]

Jan 112010

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs: We want to welcome everyone back from the winter holidays. We hope you all had the opportunity to relax and enjoy a nice break. We also want [Read More…]

Dec 112009

December 11, 2009 Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We encourage all of you to come out during your lunch hour next Tuesday to participate in informational picketing about our negotiations with UC. [Read More…]

Nov 062009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We want to thank the growing number of you who have responded with support and feedback regarding recent bargaining updates. We also want to thank the hundreds [Read More…]

Oct 092009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We have just completed four more days of bargaining with UC administrators. We reached agreement on several important articles that will significantly improve Postdoc working conditions, Leaves, [Read More…]

Sep 232009

Dear Postdocs, We just completed one more day of bargaining. Today the administrators gave us a major proposal on leaves, attempting to address many of our concerns about time off [Read More…]

Sep 182009

Dear Postdocs, We have completed two more days of contract negotiations with the UC Management. A small number of articles remain, mostly economic topics. The UC has been slow in [Read More…]

Aug 262009

Dear PRO/UAW Postdocs, We have just completed another two days of bargaining with UC administrators, for a total of 44 days since the start of 2009. While we made significant [Read More…]