Information about Executive Orders Targeting Visa Holders and How Our Union is Fighting Back
UAW 2865 and UAW 5810, co-hosting an Information Session on the latest Trump Executive Orders!

UAW 2865 and UAW 5810, co-hosting an Information Session on the latest Trump Executive Orders!

Posted by UAW Local 2865, UC Student-Workers Union on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

June 22 Executive Proclamation
On June 22, 2020, President Trump issued an Executive Proclamation that suspends entry to the US for some non-immigrants from June 24, 2020 until the end of the year. As a result of massive pushback (including from our union), this executive order is more limited than initially expected and does not include anyone with a valid visa or anyone currently in the US. Click here to read the full text.

We are seeing progress in our campaign to push back on the Trump administration’s targeting of international students and scholars. These are the latest updates on travel restrictions and visa rules:

  • New guidance on the June 22 Executive Order from the Department of State says that H4 dependents who are abroad are eligible to get new visas and to come to the U.S. if the principal H1B visa holder is currently in the US.
  • Students with valid F-1 and M-1 visas and their dependents are now exempt from the Schengen/UK/Ireland Proclamation that banned US entry from these countries, and may travel to the US while these Proclamations are in effect.
  • The National Interest Exemptions to the June 22 Executive Order have been broadened to allow more visa holders to travel to the US. Check the link to see if it applies to you.
  • US embassies and consulates are beginning the phased resumption of routine visa services. Embassies in Slovakia, Austria, Netherlands have reopened, and several others are likely to reopen soon. Please check each embassy’s website for specific updates.

UAW 5810/UAW 2865 Information Session on the Executive Order
Hundreds of members joined an Info Session co-hosted by UAW 5810 and UAW 2865 featuring Stacey Gartland, an immigration attorney at Van Der Hout LLP, who discussed the Executive Order impacting non-immigrant visa programs. If you weren’t able to join, or you would just like to review it, you can find the video recording here.

Online FAQ on Visa & Immigration
We compiled in an online FAQ all the questions that were addressed during the info session, as well as questions that were asked in the Zoom Chat.

“Trump to suspend new visas for foreign scholars,” Nature, June 23, 2020. Featuring UAW 5810 member Mehmet Doğan, “It is really sad that when this country has so many of the greatest research institutions in the world, greatest universities in the world, that when something like a pandemic happens, one of the first things the government does is to blame international researchers for unemployment.”

Next Steps
We are working on filing a declaration to support a lawsuit challenging the H-1B entry ban announced on June 22; this will include examples of affected UAW 5810 members to show why the ban should be reversed.

Write to Congress to Stop the Attacks on International Scholars
Join us in sending a letter to your representatives to urge them to end all policies that harm international students and scholars. Click to send a letter with a few clicks using a template letter.

Share your story
Are you directly impacted by Trump’s Executive Order on H-1Bs or other recent visa restrictions (travel bans due to COVID-19, embassy closures, etc)? We are collecting stories of impacted Postdocs and ARs as these stories can be very powerful in helping push back against these restrictions. We will only use any information you provide with your permission. If you are directly impacted, please fill out this form.

International Scholars Working Group
Join our union’s international working group to develop an even stronger information and support network for international students and scholars. To get involved, contact us at

Join the Union!
If you’re not already, become a member of the union to build on our momentum. Click here to sign up.

Taking on ICE’s International Student Ban and Winning
On July 6, Immigation and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a directive that would have required international students to attend classes in person—despite many universities moving classes online in response to the COVID-19 crisis—or face deportation. Days later, ICE announced that they were rescinding the July 6 directive in the face of pressure from our union and other academic worker unions, University administrations, members of Congress, and allies across the nation.

Coalition-building, grassroots direct action, and litigation were keys to victory. UAW 5810 members joined organized academic workers across the country for a week of organizing, collective action, public education, litigation development with university and elected allies (state attorneys general, members of Congress, and more) which created a groundswell of pressure that prompted the Trump administration to back down before the court hearing even began.

Information Session on ICE Announcement
UAW 5810 and 2865, joined by 13 other UAW academic unions, hosted an info session regarding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announcement about F-1 and M-1 visas. Stacey Gartland from immigration law firm Van Der Hout LLP, was again the guest speaker, and the video has been viewed more than 14,000 times. Click to watch.

“‘A huge victory’ for international students on deportation threats,” The Stand, July 15, 2020. By UAW 4121 members Sam Sumpter and Dan Hart. “‘’As unionized academic workers, we have unique power and leverage in shaping and responding to important political decisions like this one.’”

“UC union fights back against ICE international student guidelines,” Daily Cal, July 13, 2020.

Next Steps
The 7/6 ICE directive was one of many policies in recent weeks by the Trump administration designed to scapegoat non-citizens. We will continue to build on this victory to ensure that our university campuses and other workplaces are welcoming and supportive of all regardless of citizenship status.

On July 27, ICE released new guidance saying that new international students—as opposed to continuing students—will be barred from entering the US if all of their courses will be online. Read more.

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