What If I Have a Work-Related Problem or Question?


Our contractual grievance procedure provides our most basic form of protection by setting out a fair process for remedying any violation of our rights under the contract. The grievance procedure allows us the option of taking a dispute to a neutral third party arbitrator for resolution, rather than to the University. This ensures that the rights we have fought to secure in the contract are respected and upheld in a fair and equal way.

If you have a concern, problem, or question about any aspect of your work, you are advised to contact your Union immediately (either at uaw5810@uaw5810.org, 510-845-5726 or using the form below) before trying to resolve the issue, so that you get the best possible advice and are sure to preserve your rights under the Grievance Procedure.

Grievance Procedure
One of our Union’s primary functions is to enforce what we won in the contract, which means representing Postdocs at all steps of the Grievance Procedure, including informal discussions.
The contract provides a 30-day time line for the Union to file a grievance. Therefore, it is critical that you contact the Union as soon as you become aware of an issue so that you can receive assistance even before initiating an informal discussion with your supervisor or department.

Contact Your Union

If you have a concern, problem or question related to your work at the University, please fill out the form below.