Sep 302016

California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson sent a letter to President Napolitano urging a fair contract! Click here to read the full letter.

“I am writing to support your collective efforts to carefully review and consider a fair and equitable settlement that will allow for the fair treatment of postdocs, who are an important component of the University’s talent bank.

Given their role in assuring the University of California’s excellence, I believe it is important to acknowledge some of the very real concerns of these postdocs, particularly in the areas of wages, labor rights, gender equity, and harassment. For women postdocs, concerns over sexual harassment and discrimination after having children are particularly troubling given that it adds an extra layer of threat to their job security. In order to provide an effective learning environment where the finest research will continue to be produced, it is important to take a closer look at the current benefits being offered and strive to enhance them to ensure the retention and growth of postdocs within the system and gender parity as well.”