Apr 202018

We are pleased to present you with the following list of newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers and Delegates for the UAW Constitutional Convention. As of the close of the nomination period at 5pm PDT on April 19th, 2018, no more than one (1) member accepted nomination for the following positions. The candidates, being UAW 5810 Local members in good standing, and having accepted nomination for uncontested positions, are automatically elected.

Executive Board

President: Anke Schennink
Vice President: Neal Sweeney
Financial Secretary: Carlena Ebben Eaton
Recording Secretary: Zachary Reinert
Trustee: Matthew Grimmer
Trustee: William Kelly
Trustee: Lydia Majure
Sergeant-at-Arms: Charisse Winston
Guide: Jijun Huang

Joint Council

Campus Unit Chair: Claire Dodd
Campus Recording Secretary: Heather M. Harris
Head Steward: Kaveh Gharehbaghi
Head Steward: Aman Gill
Head Steward: Mark Ho
Head Steward: Ian McFarlane

Berkeley Lab (LBL)
Campus Unit Chair: Nils Zimmermann
Campus Recording Secretary: Mamun Miah
Head Steward: Laurie Stephey

Campus Unit Chair: Emma Skoog
Campus Recording Secretary: Myra dela Pena-Ponce
Head Steward: Amy Ryan

Campus Unit Chair: Zachary Reinert
Campus Recording Secretary: Eric A Montoya

Los Angeles
Campus Unit Chair: Elizabeth Zuniga-Sanchez
Campus Recording Secretary: Miguel A. Marin
Head Steward: Victor Réville
Head Steward: Mohamed Soliman

Campus Unit Chair: Mohsen Torabi

Campus Unit Chair: Honghong Wu
Campus Recording Secretary: Alex Blacutt

San Diego
Campus Unit Chair: Sergio Ita
Head Steward: Elisabeth Ghabache
Head Steward: Anatoly Shabalin
Head Steward: Adam Wier

San Francisco
Campus Unit Chair: Juliane Winkler
Campus Recording Secretary: Dmytro Lituiev
Head Steward: Leila Mohammadi
Head Steward: Alice Schoenauer Sebag

Santa Barbara
Campus Unit Chair: Kevin Brown
Campus Recording Secretary: Dhananjay Thakur

Santa Cruz
Campus Unit Chair: Rosie Gradoville

UAW Constitutional Convention Delegates

Kevin Brown
Lydia Majure
Anke Schennink
Neal Sweeney
Juliane Winkler
Charisse Winston

Elections will take place from 10am – 6 pm on May 3rd, 2018 on the UC Merced campus at Lantern Cafe (first floor of Kolligian Library) for the following Joint Council position:

Merced Campus Recording Secretary:

Candidate: Martha Kandzioracandidate statement
Candidate: Gregory Mutumicandidate statement

You can view a sample of the ballot that will be used in the election at UC Merced.

In solidarity,

UAW 5810 Elections Committee – elections@uaw5810.org

Gokul Ramaswami (Chair), UC Los Angeles
Zahra Hemmatian, UC Berkeley
Gaurav Sharma, UC Davis
Maryam Zahiri Azar, UC Irvine
Agustina De Francesco, UC Riverside
Caitlin Taylor, UC Santa Barbara
Gerardo Cortes, UC Santa Cruz
Mariana Gomez Schiavon, UC San Francisco