Research Funding

The UAW Advocates for Increased Federal Funding for Research at Universities

Read The UAW’s Position on Federal Research Funding:
“Federal funding enables universities to perform path-breaking research. It is critical for the future of the U.S. economy, because it provides core support for innovation in fields such as the medical and life sciences, energy use, new technologies, environmental protection, transportation and many others. The resulting innovations can create thousands of jobs.

Federal funding provides salaries and benefits for those who perform this research, including student employees and postdoctoral researchers. It also provides the equipment, materials and training necessary for them to perform their work. The Obama administration and Congress should increase federal funding for existing research and for the basic science that forms the foundation for future research. This is necessary to preserve the leading role our research universities play in innovation and their preeminent role internationally.”

Action: Urge the Obama administration and Congress to support increased federal funding for existing research and for basic science, so that the workers who perform this research have adequate pay and benefits, as well as the equipment, materials and training necessary to carry out innovative research.

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