Help Save Science Funding: Join the Whiteboard Project!



If Congress fails to strike a deal on the budget and we go off the fiscal cliff, science budget cuts of 8-10% will take effect – and billions of dollars of the federal funding our work depends upon will be lost. NIH funding would be cut by $2.5 billion, the NSF by $586 million, NASA by $417 million, and the list goes on.

As part of our advocacy to preserve and increase funding for science research, we are asking our members to put a face to this crisis, so that our communities and government leaders can see who will be hurt and what is at stake.

You can help us make the case to preserve our funding, and it won’t cost you anything or take much time. All you have to do is share what devastating cuts would mean to you, to your work, to your family or to our future. It’s easy – just grab a piece of white paper, write the words “Save science funding because” and then add your own message. Make sure you write clearly and legibly. You can also print off a template here.

When you’re done, use your SmartPhone to take a picture of yourself in your lab or another location with your sign and email it to We’ll share it on this page and on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also post your picture directly to our Facebook page, or tweet it and include our hashtag, #uaw5810.

We are truly stronger when we stand together. Check back here to see what your friends and colleagues are saying about what science budget cuts would mean to them, and remember to join us on Facebook!