Mar 252019

Last Friday, after months of stalling, UC finally dropped its opposition to Academic Researchers United / UAW Local 5810. This means that the path is now clear for UC Academic Researchers (ARs) to be certified by the Public Employment Relations Board and begin bargaining their first union contract!

A few highlights of the recognition agreement:

  1. All four AR title series โ€“ Project Scientist, Specialist, Professional Researcher, and Coordinator of Public Programs, will be included in the union. This is a big win as UC had previously attempted to exclude several title series.
  2. Individuals who were erroneously placed into visiting job titles will be transferred into non-visiting Academic Researcher job titles. They work for UC and are on UC payroll, but because they were placed in the wrong job title often did not receive full benefits. That will be fixed now.
  3. You can read the full agreement here.

This massive victory is the result of Academic Researchers and Postdocs engaging in a series of collective actions, which culminated last week when 16 members of the California State Legislature and 20 members of the California Congressional Delegation sent letters to UC President Janet Napolitano urging UC to stop the delays and drop their objections to ARU / UAW 5810. With our own contract negotiations starting in about a year, we are thrilled that our AR colleagues are moving into the next stage of their campaign. If you want to show your support for ARs, the most immediate action you can take is to retweet and share this news.