Mar 142017

Thanks to the new minimum wage scale we won in our Postdoc Union contract, many Postdocs have received salary increases over the past three months, and many more will receive increases on their next anniversary date.

However, in some instances the university has failed to pay Postdocs at least the minimum salary. After many Postdocs contacted us, we filed a formal grievance over this, and we are pleased to report that as of last week, the university has agreed to pay over $50,000 to Postdocs who were not given their proper increase, with more cases pending.

The contract requires that all Postdoc salaries comply with a new experience-based minimum salary scale. Under this scale, salaries are linked to the 2017 NIH NRSA scale but UC Postdocs are paid at least 2 steps higher than their NIH experience level (“NIH Plus 2 Steps”). Your experience level includes Postdoc experience at other institutions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you do not receive your increase as mandated by the contract.

These increases were won because a majority of Postdocs joined the union and got involved. High membership is also essential to protecting and improving those rights moving forward. If you are not currently a Postdoc Union member or if you’re not sure, please do your part by emailing and requesting a membership card. Together we are stronger!