Apr 282016

We are pleased to present you with the following list of newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers. As of the close of the nomination period at 5pm PST on April 27th, 2016, no more than one (1) member accepted nomination for the following positions. The candidates, being UAW 5810 Local members in good standing, and having accepted nomination for uncontested positions, are automatically elected:

Executive Board

Recording Secretary: Virpi Leppa
Trustee: Matt Grimmer
Trustee: Carlena Ebben Eaton

Joint Council

UC Berkeley
Campus Unit Chair: Heather M. Harris
Head Steward: Benjamin Smarr

UC Irvine
Campus Unit Chair: Richard Puxty
Campus Recording Secretary: Gopakumar Kamalakshakurup

Head Steward: Melissa Agnello

UC Riverside
Campus Unit Chair: Sonia Afroz

UC San Diego
Campus Unit Chair: Tomasz Kosciolek
Head Steward: Sreya Ghosh

Campus Recording Secretary: Dima Lituiev
Head Steward: Sangeet Lal

Campus Recording Secretary: Michael C. Heiber

Since none of the positions are contested there will be no elections held on May 12th.

In Solidarity,

Thomas Liebrand, UC Davis, Chair
Charles Haitjema, UCSB
Brandie Nonnecke, UC Berkeley
Marco Schiavon, UC Riverside
Lee Thompson, UC Merced