Dec 092015

We are pleased to present you with the following newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers:

UC San Francisco Campus Unit Chair
By a vote of 8 out of 8 valid votes Matt Grimmer is elected Campus Unit Chair.

UC San Diego Head Steward
The following three candidates received a majority of votes (which is 6 or more valid votes in this election) and are elected Head Steward:

Iva Ivanova: 13 Votes
Pius Adelani: 7 Votes
Adam Wier: 7 Votes

The other candidate, Charisse Winston, received 4 Votes.

We thank all the postdocs who cast votes representing UCSF and UCSD. Our special thanks go to the postdocs and union staff who volunteered their time to oversee the polling stations during the voting.

In Solidarity,

UAW 5810 Elections Committee –

Thomas Liebrand, UC Davis, Chair
Charles Haitjema, UCSB
Brandie Nonnecke, UC Berkeley
Marco Schiavon, UC Riverside
Liane Slaughter, UCLA
Lee Thompson, UC Merced
Lin Zhang, UC Irvine