See Your Dues in Action Since UC Postdocs Formed a Union:

Improved Pay:

  • Since the contract took effect in 2010, average UC Postdoc salary has risen by more than $10,000 (an increase of 25%);
  • UC Postdoc compensation is the highest of any public university in the US.

Improved Benefits:

  • All Postdocs and dependents receive comprehensive UC-provided health benefits at a greatly lower cost than non-union UC faculty and staff plans;
  • Medical and dental benefits have been improved including no-cost preventative care and contraception;
  • 4 weeks of fully paid parental leave guaranteed for all Postdocs;
  • Over $3 Million dollars recovered in pay and benefits through grievances.

Improved Rights at Work:

  • Improved job security in the form of guaranteed minimum one-year initial appointments and minimum two-year reappointments;
  • Strong protections against and remedies for instances of discrimination and sexual harassment via the grievance and arbitration procedure;
  • Protections against arbitrary layoff;
  • Protections from unsafe or hazardous working conditions.

A Stronger Voice

  • Filed a declaration in US District Court and to the Supreme Court against Trump’s Anti-Muslim Travel Ban;
  • Helped Postdocs at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab win collective bargaining rights and become members of the Postdoc Union;
  • Fought for the inclusion of Postdocs in the new federal overtime regulations;
  • Fought for the extension of Optional Practical Training (OPT) for recent graduates on F-1 visas

Membership dues make your union strong! Dues cover all of the cost of having a strong union, including:

  • Educating new employees about their rights and the union;
  • Subject experts to negotiate on equal terms with UC’s consultants to bargain the strongest contract possible;
  • Legal and grievance representation costs to enforce our rights; and
  • Staffing, rent, equipment, and supplies to support day-to-day costs.

Dues in UAW Local 5810 are 1.44% of gross pay ($60 per month and $720 per year based on $50,000 salary) received from UC for work performed that is covered by the contract.

UAW5810_Dues Pie-Chart