Thanks to everyone who participated in the Postdoc Union housing and cost of living survey. We have analyzed the results and they confirm that housing and cost of living are a severe crisis for Postdocs. Our results show:
A graphic showing average rents vs. Postdoc wages at all 10 UC campuses.
  • 70% of Postdocs face rent burden (at least 30% of their income goes toward housing costs)
  • 57% of Postdocs have to give up or limit basic expenses (clothing, eating out, movies, car expenses) as a result of high housing costs
  • 53% of Postdoc rate housing costs as a high stressor in their lives

A photograph of three Postdocs wearing blue UAW 5810 t-shirts holding a UAW 5810 banner at the rally on the Berkeley campus
What’s worse, under UC’s salary proposal Postdocs would see pay cuts when compared to the current contract. UC’s team passed us 3 examples of hypothetical Postdocs and how their pay would fare under UC’s plan. In each example that UC presented, the Postdoc’s pay would go down over the next three years, in one case by nearly $4000.

UC is also proposing to increase health insurance costs for most Postdocs by 45-75%, which would be another pay cut of hundreds of dollars.

UC’s bargaining team is out of touch with the struggles Postdocs face to make ends meet in high-rent California. Our proposal would improve compensation and would lift Postdocs out of rent burden so we can afford to live here. Stay tuned for more updates and please fill out this form to get involved in the bargaining process – we need the participation of thousands of Postdocs to win these important demands.

In solidarity,
Postdoc Bargaining Team and Alternates

Sarah Arveson, UC Berkeley
Gilbert Bernstein, UC Berkeley
Chris Hart, UC Davis
Adam Schneider, UC Irvine
Zachary Zeidler, UC Los Angeles
Lejla Medzikovic, UC Los Angeles
Brad Barker, UC Merced
Ingrid Padilla Espinosa, UC Merced
Tyler Bell, UC San Diego
Adam Caparco, UC San Diego
Jade Moore, UC San Francisco
Putu Ustriyana, UC San Francisco
Caitlin Taylor, UC Santa Barbara
Heda Agic, UC Santa Barbara
Jacob Porter, UC Santa Cruz
Jasmeet Dhaliwal, UC Santa Cruz

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