Starting at 7:30 AM on July 19th, academic workers will rally outside the UC Regents meeting at UCSF’s Rutter Center (Mission Bay campus) to demand that UC drop the charges against the three UAW members at UCSD and implement our contracts. RSVP here:

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On June 30th, two UCSD graduate workers and one Postdoc were arrested on felony charges in relation to a peaceful chalking protest on campus one month previous. This wildly disproportionate reaction comes while workers have been pushing UC to honor their contractual obligations. In response, 300 workers from across UC rallied outside San Diego Central Courthouse this past Monday, the date set for the three arrestees’ arraignment on false charges. UC failed to submit charges to the San Diego DA’s office that day, and to date they still haven’t done so. The pressure is working—but we need to keep it up.

If UC does submit charges, the San Diego arrestees will need legal support. You can help provide this, and deter future UC retaliation, by contributing to their legal defense fund. All undisbursed money will be donated to the San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council’s (SDICLC) community services division.

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In solidarity,

Julia Falo-Sanjuan
Postdoc Unit Chair, UAW 5810 Berkeley
Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley

Emily Weintraut
Head Steward, UAW 2865 Davis
Food Science, UC Davis