Last December, Postdocs ratified a groundbreaking contract that rewrote our pay scale. In April, Postdocs got significant raises as the new pay scale kicked in. In October, thousands of Postdocs received a second raise as all steps on the new pay scale were increased. This raise should now be reflected on your November 1 check. You can determine what your raise should be by using this raise calculator

Here are the details for October 1 raises: 

  • The entire scale will move up by 7.5%
    • Example: if you were hired in January 2023 at Step 0, your new minimum pay will be $64,480
  • If your hire day was between October 1 – April 1 (of any year) then you will move to the next minimum step on October 1, 2023 for an additional 3.7% increase
  • If you are paid above the minimum salary for your experience and were hired between October 1 – April 1 (of any year), you receive a minimum 3% increase as of October 1 
  • Remember: the contract sets minimum salaries. Any Postdoc can be paid above the minimum.
October 1, 2023 minimum scale
  Monthly Annual
Step 0 $5,373.33  $64,480
Step 1 $5,572.33 $66,868
Step 2 $5,778.50 $69,342
Step 3 $5,992.33  $71,908
Step 4 $6,214.08  $74,569
Step 5 $6,443.92 $77,327



Because Postdocs won such dramatic changes to the way they are paid, it’s possible that UC will make mistakes applying your raise. If your raise does not match what you’d expect from the salary scale, simply reply to this email or fill out this form and a fellow union member will be in touch about resolving it.

LBL Project Scientists have joined our union and won big raises

Last week, Project Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joined UAW Local 5810 by ratifying their first contract. After a year of dedicated organizing, including marches on the boss and rallies outside the lab gates, the average Project Scientist can expect a 9.8% salary increase starting in January and increases to PTO and family leave that will bring them up to the level of other ARs and Postdocs in the UC system, among other improvements.

The victory at LBL is another confirmation that organizing works. Project Scientists at LBL are helping build the power of our union, and we can look forward to working together to win more in the future.

In solidarity,

James Boocock
Postdoc Unit Chair, UCLA
Human Genetics