Last week the UAW International Executive Board met and voted to approve the amalgamation of Academic Student Employees, Graduate Student Researchers (formerly of UAW Local 2865), Academic Researchers and Postdocs (formerly of UAW Local 5810) into one big union. This means that, in accordance with the results of our amalgamation vote last fall, the International Executive Board has formed a new charter for our amalgamated union, UAW Local 4811! The new local number was democratically chosen by the elected leadership of both locals to honor the 48,000 workers at 11 campuses (10 UC campuses + LBNL) who participated in UAW-UC workers’ historic strike in 2022.

The success of the strike and the many more victories since are undeniable evidence that we have much more power when we are unified. This is a huge step forward for all UAW-UC academic workers. Per our new bylaws, we will be electing campus and statewide leadership during the May triennial election. Members are working on a new Local 4811 logo and website that will be rolled out soon. Look out for updates later this month. Let’s celebrate this new chapter in our history and continue to build power for more victories at UC!

In solidarity,

Rafael Jaime and Neal Sweeney
Co-Presidents, UAW Local 4811