Union membership is a vote in favor of a better life.

All the contractual rights UC Postdocs and Academic Researchers have secured in the last decade are the direct result of a majority of all Postdocs and ARs making the choice to become dues-paying members of UAW 5810.

For example, members have won:

  • Salary increases
  • Low-cost health insurance that covers all dependents
  • Job security
  • Expanded family benefits (parental leave, childcare benefits)
  • Protection from workplace harassment and discrimination

There is strength in numbers. Membership builds our collective power to win more rights and benefits. If you want to maintain your rights and fight to expand them, join your union today.


Union dues are 1.44% of your monthly pay and are deducted automatically. New members also pay a one-time initiation fee of $10.

Membership Eligibility and Benefits:

All University of California Postdocs and Academic Researchers are eligible for membership in UAW 5810. Membership entitles you to vote in union elections, including votes on whether to ratify the contract you work under.