On December 9, 2022 Academic Researchers ratified a new contract. Highlights of the new contract include: 

  • Compensation that addresses cost of living
    • A typical Academic Researcher will receive 29% in salary increases (between scale and merit increases) over the life of the contract
    • An Assistant Project Scientist hired in July 2022 would see their compensation increase by $3,078 by July 2023, by an additional $6,395 by July 2024, and by $19,423 by the end of the contract.
    • A Junior Specialist hired in July 2022 would see their compensation increase by $5,459 by July 2023; if they continued as an Assistant Specialist their salary would increase by an additional $6,668 by July 2024, and by a total of $20,620 over the life of the contract.
  • 8 Weeks of Parental and Family Leave paid at 100%, up from 70% pay
  • Better job security: Longer appointments before merit review, and fewer exceptions to 1-year minimum appointments 
  • All ARs are now eligible to apply for PI status and UC commits to meet with the Union to discuss the expansion of Bridge Funding Programs at each campus
  • New Respectful Work Environment Article including industry-setting protections against abusive conduct and bullying that are fully grievable and arbitable 
  • Protections for workers with disabilities that go beyond the ADA, guaranteeing interim accommodations while the interactive process is ongoing 
  • Commitment to implement free transit passes within 3 years, and a commitment to bargain if free passes have not been implemented in that timeframe
  • E-bike discounts of at least 15%
  • An improved Union Security article to keep our union strong, and a better Grievance and Arbitration process to enforce the contract
UAW Local 5810 - The Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers

Bay Area members! Join @OaklandEA tomorrow, Wed 3/15 from 2-6PM at Lake Merritt Amphitheater to support Oakland teachers’ bargaining for the common good demands. Solidarity!!

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