Our next bargaining session is Friday, Sept. 30th from 1-3pm. RSVP to attend bargaining.

Get Involved

Success in bargaining in large part depends on what takes place outside the bargaining room. To win at the bargaining table, the involvement and activism of every union member is critical. We need to be united and committed to our bargaining demands to ensure that we get a fair and strong contract. In the coming months, you can directly contribute to winning a strong contract by:

About Bargaining

Bargaining is the process by which we negotiate a new contract with the university that will determine our working conditions (wages, benefits, etc.). By demonstrating to the University of California administration that Academic Researchers are an organized majority that will pressure the university through collective actions until our demands are met, we can win a contract that builds on our previous victories and makes UC a more equitable research environment. 


UAW Local 5810 - The Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers

BREAKING: @uofcal academic researchers and postdoctoral scholars have reached tentative agreements that include wage increases that reflect the cost of living. They'll stay on strike in solidarity with grad student TAs & researchers etc. Developing. @UAW5810 @uaw2865 @sruuaw

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