UAW 5810 leaders at the October 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

President – Neal Sweeney, UC Santa Cruz📧

I’m a Postdoc at UC Santa Cruz studying stem cell therapies for eye disease. I have been involved in political activism for many years and I also enjoy hiking, going to the beach and playing with my two kids.

Vice President – Sarah M. Arveson, UC Berkeley📧

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Integrative Planetary Science at UC Berkeley studying experimental material properties at extreme pressures and temperatures in order to understand the deep interior of Earth and other planets. I have been a community and union organizer since graduating college. I believe that our research must be accountable to our communities and that the best research is conducted with the support of the best working conditions. True to my California roots, I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, playing with cats, drinking craft IPAs, and eating sushi.

Financial Secretary – Diogo José Louro Lourenço, UC Berkeley📧

Recording Secretary – Alex Blacutt, UC Riverside📧

Trustee – Vacant📧

Trustee (AR) – Maike Roth, UC San Francisco📧

Trustee (PD)Adam Caparco, UC San Diego📧

Sergeant At Arms – Charisse Winston, UC San Diego📧

I am a Postdoctoral scholar at UCSD where I study Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathogenesis and identify blood-based biomarkers for early AD diagnosis. In addition to my research interests, I am passionate about community outreach, mentorship, increasing STEM education to under-represented and minority youth, and effectively communicating science to the public. Outside of the lab, I love to travel, visit winerys, listening to live music and watching movies.

Member At Large (PD) – Stephany Chacon, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

I’m a Postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the Ecology department within Climate and Ecosystem Sciences (EESA). I work on microbial feedbacks to soil organic matter under fluctuating drought conditions in humid tropical forests. I am conducting fieldwork in Panama and laboratory work in Berkeley. My research interests include understanding soil organic matter in a changing world. I love corgis (~all dogs really), camping, nature, knitting, trivia and playing Mario Kart.

Member At Large (AR)Tina Bakolitsa, UC Berkeley

Guide – Gerard Ariño-Estrada, UC Davis📧

I am an assistant project scientist in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis and my research is on developing imaging systems to improve current diagnostic and dosimetry capabilities in healthcare. I was also a bargaining team member of the Academic Researchers (AR) unit in the 2019 campaign, the nation’s first contract for AR positions. I believe we all can contribute to improving the research environment at the University of California by establishing policies that benefit Postdocs, ARs, and the university.



Campus ChairAnne-Christin Klotz


Recording Secretary – Raul Rodriguez

Head Steward – Naomi Latorraca

Head Steward – Florian Drescher

Head Steward – Matthew Shutzer

Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Howard Isaacson

Recording Secretary – Stacey S. Frederick

Head Steward – Bo Tan

Berkeley Lab📧

Campus Chair –  Tim Kodalle

Recording Secretary – Jesse Livezey

Head Steward –  Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar



Campus Chair – Chris Hart

Recording SecretaryAdam Davis

Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Paul Lott

I am an Assistant Project Researcher at UC Davis Genome Center. I’m a bioinformatician studying cancer biology and cancer health disparities in Latinos. In my free time, I enjoy spending it with three kids and heading up the Laguna Creek Makers – a STEAM group for kids.

Recording SecretaryConor White

Head Steward –  Tom Jara



Campus ChairZack Urbach

Recording SecretaryBryan Neumann

Academic Researchers

Recording SecretaryMia Villegas

Head Steward – Christopher Ma

Head StewardAdam Schneider

Los Angeles📧


Campus ChairJames Boocock

Recording SecretarySJ Spencer

Head Steward – Daniel Carpenter-Gold

Head Steward – Elsie Jacobson

Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Gabriel G. Edwards

Head Steward – George E. Aninwene II



Campus Chair – Bradford A. Barker

Recording Secretary – Ingrid M. Padilla Espinosa

Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Tony Shahin

Recording Secretary – Rodrigo Alatriste-Diaz


Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Cecilia Rodriguez

San Diego📧


Campus Chair – Tyler Bell

Recording SecretaryAdam Caparco

Head Steward – Andreas Härer

I am a Postdoc in the Ecology, Behavior & Evolution Section at UCSD studying the interaction between host organisms and their gut microbiota in threespine stickleback fish. Before I joined UCSD in February 2020, I completed my PhD at the University of Konstanz, Germany. In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, reading books, playing board games and discussing politics.

Head Steward – Daniel Blatter

Head StewardElide Pantoli

Head Steward – Joyce Chan

Academic Researchers

Campus ChairSonia Podvin

Recording SecretaryChunnan Hsu

San Francisco📧


Campus Chair – Jade Moore

I am a postdoc in the department of Radiation Oncology at UC San Francisco. I study mechanisms to biologically augment radiotherapy in combination with immunotherapy in breast cancer using systems biology approaches. I enjoy playing sports recreationally, hiking, going to concerts and exploring new restaurants!

Recording Secretary – Anne Sapiro

Head Steward – Christian Macdonald

Head Steward – Archana Venkataraman

Head Steward – Alexandra Salvi

Academic Researchers

Campus ChairMaike Roth

Recording Secretary – Luke Russell Bonser

I’m an Associate Professional Researcher in the Department of Medicine at UCSF. My research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying airway epithelial dysfunction in asthma. Outside of research, I like to spend time with my young family, watching Chelsea, and homebrewing.

Head StewardKarnika Bhardwaj

Head StewardMohammad Naser

Santa Barbara📧


Campus ChairEvan Plunkett

Recording SecretaryTejas Navaratna

Academic Researchers

Campus Chair – Ryan McGreal

Santa Cruz📧


Campus ChairJordan Eizenga

Academic Researchers

Campus ChairVitor Hugo Serrão

Recording Secretary – Margherita Zavatta

I’m an assistant specialist in the field of agroecology. My research focuses on non-chemical alternatives to fumigation using integrated disease suppression approaches. I also study nutrient management in organic farming systems. The economic impact of the systems studied is also part of my research. I’d love to spend as much free time as possible with my family, gardening, climbing, biking or being in the ocean.

Laura Bogar, UC Santa Barbara
Daniel Karmelic, UC San Francisco
Eric Kent, UC Davis
Lisa Schwarz, UC Santa Cruz
Daniel Velez-Ramirez, UCLA

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