On December 9, 2022 Postdocs ratified a new contract. Highlights of the new contract include: 

  • Compensation that addresses cost of living
    • Most Postdocs will receive a 20-23% salary increase (up to $12,000) by October 2023; over the course of 5 years as a Postdoc at UC, the current lowest paid Postdoc would see a 57% salary increase;
    • For 2024-2027: 7.2% annual increase for Postdocs on the scale (3.5% scale increase and 3.7% experience step), 3% annual increase for above-scale Postdocs
    • Faster timeline to first experience-based step
  • Increase from 4 weeks to 8 weeks of Parental and Family Leave paid at 100% for all Postdocs
  • Childcare subsidies that will start at $2,500/annually and increase to $2,800 annually – the first time Postdocs have won a childcare subsidy after 12 years of fighting
  • Lengthened initial appointments from 1 year to 2 years to ensure job security and longer visas
  • New Respectful Work Environment Article including industry-setting protections against abusive conduct and bullying that are fully grievable and arbitable
  • New Immigration Article with guaranteed leave time for immigration appointments and protections if immigration laws change
  • Protections for workers with disabilities that go beyond the ADA, guaranteeing interim accommodations while the interactive process is ongoing
  • Commitment to implement free transit passes within 3 years, and a commitment to bargain if free passes have not been implemented in that timeframe
  • E-bike discount of at least 15%

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What a way to kick off our newly re-formed Region 6! On Saturday, more than 300 members from across all sectors and areas of the Region came together to learn from each other, collaboratively set priorities, & commit to action steps for building power in the coming years.

UAW members in Region 6! Join fellow members from across the region to discuss all we have accomplished this year, and to collectively make plans for organizing and building power in the coming years. For more info & to register, contact your Local Union.

Interesting reflection on how the events of last year impacted researchers around the globe and our careers
-->and how they shaped the issues we've been working hard to tackle, including compensation, diversity and inclusion, and bullying. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-04451-4

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