We believe a fair and humane immigration policy and the free and open exchange of people and ideas across borders are essential to both science and a just society.

One of the fundamental tenants of our union is to advocate at all levels for rights, policies, and opportunities which reflects these values. Recent actions include filing an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case challenging the Trump administration travel ban, as well as UAW 5810 President Anke Schennink filing a declaration in US District Court. In 2016, UAW helped win the Optional Practical Training STEM extension.

Please read on to learn more about what Postdocs are working on and how you can get involved. And If you have questions regarding you and/or your family’s immigration/visa status, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at and we will do everything we can to help..

Read our op-ed “On and After Election Day, We Keep Organizing Against Attacks on Immigrants”

UAW Local 5810 President Anke Schennink, David Parsons (President of UAW Local 4121, the Union of Academic Student Employees and Postdocs at the University of Washington) and Kavitha Iyengar (President of UAW Local 2865, the UC Student-Workers Union), have published an oped expressing once more academic employee unions’ collective commitment to create a stronger, more equitable, more inclusive higher education system through forming and strengthening our unions. You can read the oped here!

Call Congress: Support Chinese Students/Scholars

Along with UAW Locals 2865 (Union of TAs, Tutors and Readers at UC) and 4121 (Union of Academic Student Employees and Postdocs at the University of Washington), our union has worked with Congressional Representatives Judy Chu (San Gabriel Valley, California) and Pramila Jayapal (Seattle) on a Dear Colleague letter demanding that Secretary of State Pompeo restore the validity period of Chinese international students’ entry visas from 12 months back to 60 months. We can help this effort by reaching out to our Representatives in California. Click here to find out who your Representative in Congress is, including their phone number in DC. Every constituent can make a call with such a request, whether you are an international Postdoc or not, and eligible to vote in the US or not. Please call your Representatives and urge them to sign on to Representative Chu and Jayapal’s Restore Fairness for Chinese International Students letter!

Sign Petition to Oppose Attacks on Chinese Student Visas

The Trump administration recently announced new rules to limit the length of Chinese student visas and impose higher scrutiny to Chinese scholars seeking work visas to perform research in the US. Since Trump was elected, UC Postdocs and researchers from China have also experienced increased visa delays.

This administration’s attempt to target Chinese students and scholars en masse is xenophobic and originates in racially motivated fears.

Many students, Postdocs and researchers will be affected by this unfair and xenophobic policy, and it is important to stop it before it gets worse. Please sign our petition to UC President Janet Napolitano asking her to communicate the harmful impacts of this policy to the California congressional delegation and to the Trump administration.

Visa & Immigration Workshop Video & Presentation

On January 24, we invited Stacey Gartland, attorney with immigration law firm Van Der Hout, Brigagliano & Nightingale, LLP to give a workshop on work visa options, the permanent residency application process, travel for international Postdocs, and more important information for Postdocs and researchers.

Linked below are the slides of Stacey’s presentation, and the video of the event, in its entirety. Disclaimer, the video and presentation provide general information only, not legal advice. It is recommended that you seek legal advice before taking any actions.

Science Has No Borders Profiles

International Postdocs’ contributions to science and research create progress, generate positive economic impacts for our state, and help us better understand the world. UC Postdocs will continue fighting for our right to live and work in the US free from discrimination and intolerance!


Visa/Immigration Updates

Update from COVID-19 bargaining session #2

We met again yesterday with UC via videoconference to bargain over changes in our working conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UC had several responses to our demands we presented last week: Paid Leave - UC employees are included in a recently passed federal law...

Update from COVID-19 bargaining session #1

We met yesterday with UC via videoconference to bargain over changes in our working conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to the call, we developed bargaining demands; you can read the Postdoc demands here and the Academic Researcher demands here. During our...

COVID-19, your union, your rights

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization announced the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak is a global pandemic. Every campus in the UC system has announced that instruction and exams will be moved online for some period of time to avert further transmission. UAW 5810...