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“Everyone should have a chance to advance in the new economy,” said our own Dave Campbell. “We shouldn’t have the divisions that we’ve had in the past, with some people having an opportunity and other people having none.” #CaClimateJobs #UnionStrong #1u

“An expanding labor movement that takes climate seriously is also key. That’s starting to happen. Campbell’s oil-dominated union, Steelworkers Local 675, 2 yrs ago organized workers at Proterra’s electric bus factory.” ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼#CaClimateJobs #UnionStrong #1u

As a postdoc at @ucsfdentistry I am glad we have a union @UAW5810.
The students deserve better conditions and hopefully, their union will help them get it!

"Student researchers are the backbone of the UC system. They deserve equal protections."

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