We are pleased to present you with the following list of newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers. As of the close of the nomination period at 5pm PST on February 13, 2020, no more than one (1) member accepted nomination for the following positions. The candidates, being UAW 5810 Local members in good standing, and having accepted nomination for uncontested positions, are automatically elected:

Executive Board
Recording Secretary: Alex Blacutt
Trustee elected by the AR unit: Gerard Ariño-Estrada
Member At Large elected by the AR unit: Elliott Peterson
Member At Large elected by the Postdoc unit: Stephany Chacon

Joint Council

UC Berkeley
Postdoc Unit Recording Secretary: Stephanie Postar
AR Unit Campus Chair: Joshua Carlson
Recording Secretary: Stacey S. Frederick
Head Steward: Bo Tan
Postdoc Unit Campus Chair: Ligia Diana P. A. Amorim
UC Davis
Postdoc Unit Campus Chair: Maryia Halubok
AR Unit Campus Chair: Paul Lott
Recording Secretary: Megan Ann Boudewyn
Head Steward: Sandipan Datta
Head Steward: Tobias Mueller
UC Irvine
AR Unit Campus Chair: Angelo Demuro
Recording Secretary: Christian Salazar
UC Los Angeles
AR Unit Campus Chair: Christina Priest
UC Merced
Postdoc Unit Recording Secretary: Bradford A. Barker
UC Riverside
Postdoc Unit Campus Chair: Lotus Lofgren
AR Unit Campus Chair: Irma De Ley
Recording Secretary: Paul Thomas Markley
UC San Diego
AR Unit Campus Chair: Samantha Hurst
Head Steward: Daniel Roston
UC San Francisco
Postdoc Unit Recording Secretary: Taman Upadhaya
Head Steward: Jade Moore
Head Steward: Oliver Reiners
Head Steward: Neil Sircar
AR Unit Campus Chair: Theo Tarver
Recording Secretary: Nicole Nasholm
Head Steward: Dora Barbosa Rabago
Head Steward: Luke Russell Bonser
UC Santa Barbara
Postdoc Unit Recording Secretary: Jonathan H. Schultz
AR Unit Campus Chair: Ryan McGreal
Recording Secretary: Claire Zedelius
UC Santa Cruz
AR Unit Campus Chair: Lisa Schwarz
Recording Secretary: Margherita Zavatta
Convention Delegates Amanda McLaughlin
Alex Blacutt

Since none of the positions are contested there will be no elections held on February 27, 2020.