We are pleased to present you with the following list of newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers. As of the close of the nomination period at 5pm PST on October 22, 2020, no more than one (1) member accepted nomination for the following positions. The candidates, being UAW Local 5810 members in good standing, and having accepted nomination for uncontested positions, are automatically elected:

Executive Board
Financial Secretary: Carmen Falcone
Trustee: Maike Roth
Trustee: Tess Branon
Guide: Ambika Kamath

Joint Council

Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Recording Secretary: Oisin Creaner

UC Berkeley
Postdoc Campus Chair: Diogo Lourenço
Postdoc Head Steward: Gilbert Bernstein
Postdoc Head Steward: Joshua Kling

UC Los Angeles
AR Recording Secretary: Gabriel G. Edwards
AR Head Steward: George E. Aninwene II
Postdoc Head Steward: Lejla Medzikovic

UC Merced
AR Campus Chair: Antoine Shahin
Postdoc Campus Chair: Brad Barker
Postdoc Recording Secretary: Sean Horan

UC San Diego
AR Campus Chair: Sonia Podvin
AR Head Steward: Priya Pantham
Postdoc Campus Chair: Marcos Diaz-Gay
Postdoc Recording Secretary: Natalie Warsinger-Pepe
Postdoc Head Steward: Andreas Haerer

UC San Francisco
Postdoc Campus Chair: Taman Upadhaya
Postdoc Recording Secretary: Putu Ustriyana

UC Santa Barbara
Postdoc Recording Secretary: Heda Agic

UC Santa Cruz
Postdoc Campus Chair: Jasmeet K Dhaliwal

Since none of the positions are contested there will be no election held on November 12, 2020.


UAW Local 5810 Elections Committee
Elsa Abs, UC Irvine
Howard Isaacson, UC Berkeley
Daniel Velez Ramirez, UCLA
Mariana Gomez Schiavon, UC San Francisco
Izel Tekin, UC Santa Barbara
Megan Willis, LBL
Mohammed Salah El Hadri, UC San Diego