UAW 5810 Statement in Support of UAW Referendum on One Member, One Vote

Facing a massive health and economic crisis, a fighting labor movement is key to reversing the tide of austerity and cutbacks to build a more just future for all. We are proud to be members of the UAW, a union that has a long history of fighting for justice both at the workplace and in the community. We are also dedicated to making our union stronger and support democratic reforms including full transparency and accountability. As we support One Member, One Vote in the upcoming UAW-wide referendum, we at the same time recognize that building a stronger, fighting union requires a broader vision.

  • We condemn the corruption by UAW leaders and staff that has come to light in recent years and support the actions announced by the International Executive Board, including expelling those responsible and other reforms to increase transparency and protect union finances.
  • The UAW must prioritize organizing millions of unorganized workers who lack the rights and benefits our members have fought for and won. Over 46,000 academic workers on the west coast have joined the UAW in the past 20 years, including UC Postdocs and Academic Researchers. We must dedicate more resources to scale up new organizing campaigns across our union.
  • We support forming smaller UAW regions to enable stronger member decision making, transparency, and oversight, and the effort to create a new UAW region on the west coast. Along these lines, we have been acting in coordination with west coast UAW locals to increase participation and political action.
  • With our first African American International Union President, our union has taken an important step towards a diverse and representative leadership. We must continue to work so that the leadership at every level of the union reflects the gender, racial, ethnic, sexual, and other forms of diversity across our membership.
  • We are dedicated to fighting for racial and gender equity social justice at our worksites and a more just society at large. Our local union has won anti-harassment and discrimination protections that are a model for other academic workers and has fought for expanded family leave, immigrant rights, and increased funding for education by taxing the rich. Social justice must continue to be central to the UAW’s vision and program.

In Solidarity,

UAW 5810 Joint Council