Update on 2021 Postdoc Bargaining

  • Our union contract is set to expire on September 30, 2021, so in late January and early February we held meetings at each campus to discuss our options for bargaining this year and gather feedback from Postdocs.
  • Based on these meetings, we decided to propose to UC that we extend our union contract for 1 year, due to ongoing uncertainties and disruptions due to the pandemic. This would mean that the current rights and benefits under our contract would stay in place for another year.
  • UC administration was not willing to extend the contract for 1 year or even for a shorter period. Although we think it is in the best interest of Postdocs and the University to execute the 1-year extension, we will now start planning to commence bargaining in a few weeks.
  • Among the first steps in the bargaining process is writing and voting to ratify Initial Bargaining Demands. Initial Bargaining Demands present general bargaining goals and themes. Read more about Initial Bargaining Demands in these online FAQs.

Providing Feedback on Draft Initial Bargaining Demands

The bargaining team has drafted Initial Bargaining Demands, which will be voted on by Postdocs starting on April 10 and submitted to UC on May 1. If you would like to read the current draft of the Initial Bargaining Demands and provide feedback, you can view the draft demands here and our feedback form here, or just send an email to postdoc-bargaining@uaw5810.org with your questions or comments. If you’d like to attend a planning meeting or get involved otherwise, you can reply to this email or email postdoc-bargaining@uaw5810.org

In Solidarity,

UAW 5810 Postdoc Bargaining Team
Alex Blacutt, UC Riverside
Tess Branon, UC Berkeley
Stephany Chacon, LBL
Carmen Falcone, UC Davis
Ambika Kamath, UC Berkeley
Neal Sweeney, UC Santa Cruz
Charisse Winston-Gray, UC San Diego