Yesterday, we had another 4-hour session at the bargaining table. We made progress in some areas but were also struck by the University’s lack of interest in moving forward on many of our priority issues.

  • We held our overall position of strengthening worker protections through the Grievance and Arbitration, Layoff, Job Titles and Classifications, Waiver, and Past Practice.
  • The University proposed changes to the Paid Time Off and Sick Leave articles related to changes for part-time postdoc employees.
  • The University dropped their initial proposal on Job Abandonment that would have allowed UC to fire postdocs without just cause (Victory!).
  • The University rejected our proposal for international postdoc support in its entirety, but we are not giving up — we are a union of predominantly international scholars who face extraordinary barriers just to conduct our work.
  • The University violated the law by refusing to bargain with us over our anti-bullying language that we proposed in the Respectful Work Environment article. They said that they won’t be proposing an article until after they create a policy, when we’re at the negotiations table and ready to bargain over deeply-felt bullying issues.

To show UC administrators that we need a contract that reflects our value to UC research,  please take a minute now to add your name to this open letter to UC leadership! More signatures will make the case that our contract demands and recognition of Student Researchers United are important to all Postdocs. If you’ve already signed, click here to get more involved!


Sign the letter to UC Administration to help win a great Postdoc Contract!

We will be back at the bargaining table on Monday, 9/27 and hope that UC will come with meaningful considerations of our previously passed proposals. All the proposals we passed and UC’s proposals can be found in our proposal tracker.

FYI: Contract Expiration
If Postdocs and UC don’t reach an agreement by September 30, we can either mutually agree to extend our contract or it will expire. If it expires, not a lot will change for Postdocs because the University must maintain the “status quo”. Our minimum salary scale is still tied to NIH rates + 2 steps, so our raises will continue, both anniversary raises and annual cost-of-living increases, and our rights and benefits will remain in place. We will still be able to enforce our rights under the contract, albeit by different methods: if the contract expires, UC is not obligated to take grievance cases to arbitration but we can still seek recourse through the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and via direct action. Whatever we decide, we need to keep standing together to win these important improvements.

In solidarity,
Postdoc Bargaining Team and Alternates

Sarah Arveson, UC Berkeley
Gilbert Bernstein, UC Berkeley
Chris Hart, UC Davis
Adam Schneider, UC Irvine
Zachary Zeidler, UC Los Angeles
Lejla Medzikovic, UC Los Angeles
Brad Barker, UC Merced
Ingrid Padilla Espinosa, UC Merced
Tyler Bell, UC San Diego
Adam Caparco, UC San Diego
Jade Moore, UC San Francisco
Putu Ustriyana, UC San Francisco
Caitlin Taylor, UC Santa Barbara
Heda Agic, UC Santa Barbara
Jacob Porter, UC Santa Cruz
Jasmeet Dhaliwal, UC Santa Cruz

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