In today’s 4-hour bargaining session with UC, the University once again failed to provide necessary and relevant information that we need to evaluate their healthcare benefits proposals. While the University is proposing increasing the costs that Postdocs pay for our health plans, the University would not commit to provide any information about how much our plans cost the University or how they develop their cost estimates.

Directors of Parking and Transportation across UC attended bargaining to lecture us ad nauseam about the woefully inadequate transit options we have. UC chooses to tie most of its public transportation and green transportation programs to its parking revenues, subverting its claim to be a sustainability leader. We have made clear time again that our priority is green, affordable transportation options for all of us. You can see our Parking and Transportation proposal and all proposals in this tracker.

Winning on healthcare benefits, green transportation, and on all our demands including affordable housing, anti-bullying protections, childcare benefits, and more will take all Postdocs standing together. Due to UC’s unlawful behavior at the bargaining table, behavior that is preventing us from reaching a fair agreement, we will hold a strike authorization vote that would give our bargaining team the authority to call a strike if circumstances justify. Voting will take place from November 8-19.

Strike Authorization Vote FAQ Town Halls

Northern CA campuses (UCB, LBNL, UCSF, UCD, UCSC, UCM)
Thursday, November 4, 6pm – RSVP here
Friday, November 5, 1pm – RSVP here

Southern CA campuses (UCSB, UCLA, UCI, UCR, UCSD) 
Thursday, November 4, Noon – RSVP here

In solidarity,

Postdoc Bargaining Team and Alternates

Sarah Arveson, UC Berkeley
Gilbert Bernstein, UC Berkeley
Chris Hart, UC Davis
Adam Schneider, UC Irvine
Zachary Zeidler, UC Los Angeles
Lejla Medzikovic, UC Los Angeles
Brad Barker, UC Merced
Ingrid Padilla Espinosa, UC Merced
Tyler Bell, UC San Diego
Adam Caparco, UC San Diego
Jade Moore, UC San Francisco
Putu Ustriyana, UC San Francisco
Caitlin Taylor, UC Santa Barbara
Heda Agic, UC Santa Barbara
Jacob Porter, UC Santa Cruz
Jasmeet Dhaliwal, UC Santa Cruz

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