Breaking news! Today, after six months of stalling, UC agreed to drop their objections and recognize Student Researchers United-UAW as the union of over 17,000 Student Researchers. SRU-UAW is the largest new union in 2021!

This decision comes just two weeks after SRs overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike, and a month after 49 state legislators and 30 members of Congress urged UC President Michael Drake to respect the democratic rights of UC’s employees.

A graphic showing Student Researchers holding signs and speaking into megaphones, microphones, and bullhorns. The images are assembled from various SRU actions. Text is imposed on the signs so that they read, “SRU-UAW is officially recognized by UC! Victory to Student Researchers!” The left half of the background is yellow and it changes via a gradient into blue.

This SR win is also a win for UC Postdocs and Academic Researchers. Soon, SRs will begin bargaining their first contract at the same time as UC Postdocs are bargaining our new contract. Because we work side by side with SRs, we have faced many of the same challenges, and we share a common goal of making UC a more inclusive and equitable place to work. Academic Researchers and Academic Student Employees (UAW Local 2865) are also set to begin bargaining in 2022. 

With our combined 45,000+ members, we hold a lot of power to win new rights and protections that will improve UC research. We will have more leverage at the bargaining table to tackle issues like making housing more affordable, strengthening protections against harassment and bullying, supporting international scholars, and more – progress that will enable us to do even better work.

A strong and active membership is our most powerful tool in expressing solidarity and ensuring success in our upcoming negotiations. Please respond to this email to get more involved in bargaining.

In solidarity,

UAW 5810 Executive Board
Neal Sweeney, President, UC Santa Cruz
Sarah Arveson, Vice President, UC Berkeley
Diogo Lourenço, Financial Secretary, UC Berkeley
Alex Blacutt, Recording Secretary, UC Riverside
Savannah Bergquist, Trustee, UC Berkeley
Maike Roth, Trustee, UC San Francisco
Charisse Winston, Sergeant At Arms, UC San Diego
Stephany Chacon, Postdoc Member At Large, LBL
Elliott Peterson, AR Member At Large, UC San Francisco
Gerard Ariño-Estrada, Guide, UC Davis