The Academic Student Employee, Academic Researcher, Postdoc and Student Researcher Bargaining Teams have been bargaining virtually non-stop this weekend, but as of the writing of this email, it remains unlikely that agreements will be reached before tomorrow morning. It is clear that a strike is necessary to stop UC from impeding the bargaining process with its unlawful behavior. All who are able should join the unfair labor practices strike picket line tomorrow morning at 8 AM.

In this email:

  • Bargaining updates
  • Sign up for strike pay: you can enroll at the picket line tomorrow!  
  • Sign up for picket shifts here
  • Hardship Fund information

Bargaining Updates
As a result of the pressure Academic Workers have placed on UC, UAW Bargaining Team members have made increasing progress on important provisions in the past few days – reaching agreements on Grievance and Arbitration for all four bargaining units. By reaching an agreement on this key article, 48,000 Academic Workers can now enforce every single provision of their contracts. Still, averting a strike would take a level of commitment and respect for the bargaining process that UC simply has yet to display. Bargaining is still going on and will likely continue until late tonight.

Also: hear directly from your bargaining team members in new bargaining update videos on our website!

Upcoming Bargaining Dates 
The bargaining teams are meeting into the night and are on call for formal bargaining sessions to be called. Otherwise, the next sessions are scheduled for:

  • Academic Researchers – Friday, 11/18 – RSVP here
  • Academic Student Employees Tuesday, 11/15  – RSVP here
  • Postdocs – Wednesday, 11/16 – RSVP here
  • Student Researchers Thursday, 11/17  – RSVP here

Sign up for Strike Pay
You can enroll in strike pay at the picket line tomorrow!  If you do not live near a UC campus, or if you have access needs that prevent them from attending in-person events, you can still enroll remotely.

Please note: if you work off-site and your location is closer to a different UC campus than your home campus, you are able (and encouraged) to picket at the closer campus but you will need to fill out the remote sign-up form in order to ensure that you are counted for strike pay purposes.

UPDATE: Many workers who signed up for strike pay should have received an email from UAW inviting you to enroll in the system.

Picket Locations and Times 
Picket locations, times and sign-up forms for your campus can be found here. Make sure to sign up for shifts on the form for your campus! If your work is fully remote and you are not near a UC campus, or if you have access needs that prevent you from attending in-person events, please indicate this on the form.

Hardship Fund
A hardship fund has been established to supplement strike pay for any workers who experience hardship as a result of lost income. Anyone who is able, should consider contributing to this fund (and urge your colleagues, friends and family to do the same). Please click here to donate. If you are experiencing hardship from lost pay, please see this FAQ which contains information about applying to the fund.

In solidarity,

UAW 5810 Academic Researcher Bargaining Team
UAW 2865 Academic Student Employee Bargaining Team
UAW 5810 Postdoc Bargaining Team
SRU-UAW Student Researcher Bargaining Team