We are pleased to present you with the following list of newly elected UAW Local 5810 officers. As of the close of the nomination period at 5pm PT on November 5th, 2021, no more than one (1) member accepted nomination for the following positions. The candidates, being UAW Local 5810 members in good standing, and having accepted nomination for uncontested positions, are automatically elected.

Executive Board
Vice President: Sarah M. Arveson

Convention Delegates

Delegate: Sarah M. Arveson
Delegate: Elliott Peterson
Delegate: Savannah Bergquist

Joint Council

Postdoc Unit Head Steward: Naomi Latorraca
Postdoc Unit Head Steward: Florian Drescher

Berkeley Lab
Postdoc Unit Campus Chair: Tim Kodalle
Postdoc Unit Campus Recording Secretary: Jesse Livezey
Postdoc Unit Head Steward: Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar

San Francisco
Postdoc Unit Campus Recording Secretary: Anne Sapiro
Postdoc Unit Campus Head Steward: Christian Macdonald
Academic Researcher Unit Campus Chair: Dora Barbosa

In solidarity,

UAW 5810 Elections Committee – elections@uaw5810.org

Raul Rodriguez, UC Berkeley (Chair)
Laura Bogar, UC Santa Barbara
Daniel Karmelic, UC San Francisco
Eric Kent, UC Davis
Lisa Schwarz, UC Santa Cruz
Daniel Velez-Ramirez, UCLA
Edoardo Zoni, LBL