We are your elected bargaining team for Academic Researchers (Project Scientists, Specialists, Professional Researchers and CPPs). Bargaining for our contract will begin in May 2022 and in preparation we will be launching a bargaining survey very soon to determine our priorities. It’s really important that you get involved — the more ARs who participate in the bargaining process, the more collective power we will have. To win it will take supermajority support and participation among ARs so please sign up here to get involved!

Sign up as a Member to Keep Our Union Strong
If you’re not already a member of your union, one critical action you can take is to sign up as a union member. A strong and active membership is our most powerful tool in expressing solidarity and ensuring success in our upcoming negotiations. If you’re not sure if you’re a member, simply reply to this email and we’ll be in touch. Please take a moment to sign up today by clicking here!

Update: Supermajority of Postdocs Vote to Authorize Strike
As you may know, UC Postdocs have been bargaining with UC for a new contract since May. Postdocs recently held a strike authorization vote due to unfair labor practices by UC in the course of negotiations including refusing to bargain over Postdocs’ anti-bullying proposal, making unilateral changes such as increasing visa fees for International Scholars, and refusing to provide information crucial to bargaining. On November 19, Postdocs concluded a Strike Authorization Vote with 4,147 total votes cast — over 60% of Postdocs participating — and 98.01% of Postdocs voted to give the Postdoc bargaining team the authority to call a strike should circumstances justify. Postdocs are hopeful that now UC will stop its ongoing pattern of delays and obstruction but are prepared to take further action if necessary.  

How ARs Can Support Postdocs and Student Researchers
A supermajority (over 10,000) of UC Student Researchers (SRs) have also voted to authorize their union’s strike committee to call a strike should circumstances justify, with 97.5% voting yes. UC is refusing to recognize and start to bargain with Student Researchers United (SRU), in spite of the fact that earlier this year SRs overwhelmingly voted to form a union.

Moving forward, Postdocs and SRs will continue their organizing efforts and pressure campaigns. It is likely that there will be specific ways that ARs can support the Postdocs in winning a fair contract and Student Researchers in winning recognition of their union. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can help.

In solidarity,

AR Bargaining Team and Alternates

Howard Issacson, UC Berkeley
Stacey Frederick, UC Berkeley
Paul Lott, UC Davis
Chris Salazar, UC Irvine
Charlie Smith-Geater, UC Irvine
Vanessa Muros, UCLA
Gabriel Edwards, UCLA
Sonia Podvin, UCSD
Dora Barbosa, UCSF
Elliott Peterson, UCSF
Ryan McGreal, UCSB
Margherita Zavatta, UCSC