Bargaining is in Full Swing!
We have now had two bargaining sessions with the UC, the kickoff session on June 3rd, and the second session on June 10th. In our first bargaining session we gave UC management’s team an overview of our Initial Bargaining Demands: how the demands are motivated, and what we are set to accomplish during these negotiations. We stressed that our demands are about making UC an equitable institution, and about more sustainable Academic Researcher jobs. The new contract will define our conditions of work, our ability to address problems at work, our protections from discrimination and bullying, and more.

On June 3rd, we presented our first proposals on Union Access and Rights – including improved orientations for new ARs to be better informed about workplace rights and benefits, Union Security, and Parking and Transit. We reached a Tentative Agreement on the Holidays article, adding Juneteenth as an observed UC holiday.

On June 10th, we presented a series of proposals designed to make our working conditions more equitable and accessible:

  • Access Needs, demanding that UC goes beyond the minimum standard set by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Respectful Work Environment, to address widespread abusive conduct and bullying at UC
  • Respect is Part of Research Training, focusing on prevention of harassment and discrimination that is not merely centered around legal compliance
  • Leaves of Absence, improving Academic Researchers’ rights to Family and Parental Leave
  • Childcare, proposing that UC financially supports Academic Researchers who are parents
  • International Scholar and Immigrant Support, including multiple ways for how UC could and should support international ARs.

UC’s team had prepared very little in advance, only passing us a counter on Parking and Transit that attempts to roll back a major arbitration victory won by our union on parking fees at UCSF and that does nothing to address the climate crisis.

Our proposals are informed by our conversations with members like you, our past experience as a union, and our research into other union contracts. You can find details, including all proposals in our proposal tracker.

How you can help Academic Researchers win!
The simplest and most important step you can take is to sign up to be a dues-paying member of your union. Our leverage at the bargaining table is directly correlated to the number of ARs who are dues-paying members. If you’re not currently a member, or you are not sure, please click here to join!

Membership participation is also critical to winning a strong contract. Come to membership meetings to hear bargaining updates, and share the info with your colleagues. If you’d like to get more involved with the bargaining process you can reply to this email.

Our next bargaining sessions are on Friday, June 24 and Wednesday, June 29, both  from 12.30pm-3pm. RSVP to attend bargaining here!

Researcher Union Power is Growing!
Thanks in large part to the success of UAW academic workers unions here at UC, researchers across the country are recognizing the power of collective bargaining and taking action to unionize their own workplaces. Last week, our Research Scientist colleagues at University of Washington voted overwhelmingly to form their Union, UW Researchers United, and will soon begin negotiating their first-ever union contract. And on Tuesday, Postdocs at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City begin voting to form their Union. Join us in sending solidarity to our colleagues at UW and Mt. Sinai and hurray for academic worker power!

In solidarity,

Bargaining Team members and alternates:
Howard Isaacson, UC Berkeley
Stacey S. Frederick, UC Berkeley
Paul Lott, UC Davis
Conor White, UC Davis
Mia Villegas, UC Irvine
Gabriel Edwards, UCLA
Tony Shahin, UC Merced
Cecilia Rodriguez Furlan, UC Riverside
Sonia Podvin, UC San Diego
Chunnan Hsu, UC San Diego
Maike Roth, UCSF
Luke Russell Bonser, UCSF
Vitor Hugo Serrão, UC Santa Cruz
Margherita Zavatta, UC Santa Cruz
Ryan McGreal, UC Santa Barbara