UC’s Proposals for Postdoc Contract Bargaining 

On May 14th, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) released their initial proposals for bargaining the new Postdoc contract. Bargaining will begin in the next month.

The bad news?
UCOP is proposing NO improvements to Postdoc working conditions. In fact, their proposals include reduced compensation, an increased Postdoc contribution to health insurance, and broadening the reasons for layoffs.

This has happened before…
UCOP proposed almost exactly the same changes to our contract in 2016 and they did not win. Why? Postdocs participated in meetings at every campus, obtained majority support, got involved in the bargaining process and increased the membership rate. As a result of hard work, Postdocs won dramatic improvements in salaries and raises, benefits, and protections from layoffs, all because the vast majority of Postdocs were members of our union and were active in the bargaining process. As current Postdocs, we all reap tremendous benefits from the 2016 negotiation, but UC is now trying to cut back on our pay and benefits.

What our union is fighting for
Based on the concerns and demands of members, as a union we are proposing substantial improvements to working conditions for Postdocs, including pay increases, housing and childcare stipends, relocation support, more paid parental leave, new rights and protections for international scholars, and more!

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UAW Local 5810 - The Union of Postdocs and Academic Researchers

Lorenzo and Karen do the same work on the same research project, with the same responsibilities, in the same lab, under the same supervisor. Raise your hand if you think they should have the same rights! Then sign here: http://bit.ly/SRUpetition #SameResearchSameRights

UAW 5810 opposes the DOJ’s racist & discriminatory China Initiative, which began under Trump. It fuels racial profiling and anti-Asian hate, & unfairly targets Chinese visa applicants. Excluding qualified researchers from US universities harms research.

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