UC San Diego Postdocs deliver a letter to UCSD Administration on behalf of a Postdoc grievant.

Let’s say it’s your one-year anniversary as a Postdoc. You have been looking forward to the salary increase guaranteed by our contract, but when you look at your paycheck, no raise. What do you do?

What’s a grievance?
The grievance procedure in our contract sets out a fair process to fix any violation of our rights. And it allows us, if necessary, to appeal the case to a neutral third-party arbitrator whose decision is legally binding.

Why contract enforcement is so important
Since we formed our union in 2010, the grievance procedure has protected and improved the careers of tens of thousands of Postdocs. A few examples (of many):

  • Prevented over $3 million in lost wages
  • Ensured that no Postdoc or Postdoc’s family is denied health insurance
  • Provided real and tangible recourse in cases of sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Protected Postdocs from unjust layoff, discipline or termination
  • Ensured all Postdocs have parental leave rights

What to do if you think your rights have been violated

If you or someone you know has a concern or question about any aspect of work, it’s important to get in contact as soon as possible. You can email, use this online form, or call our office at 510-845-5726.

Join the union
Our ability to enforce the contract is directly related to the strength of our membership. More members equals more power. Please do your part by becoming a member using this online form.

In solidarity,

Anke Schennink, President, UC Davis
Neal Sweeney, Vice President, UC Santa Cruz
Carlena Ebben Eaton, Financial Secretary, UC Berkeley
William Kelly, Trustee, UC Davis
Lydia Majure, Trustee, UC Berkeley
Jijun Huang, Guide, UC Los Angeles
Charisse Winston, Sergeant At Arms, UC San Diego